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Friends Getaway to Washington

This past weekend we spent 4 days in Maple Falls, Washington with 14 close friends of ours. We’ve grown to be like family with these people, we see them almost every week, celebrate all our birthdays together, have a friends christmas sleepover every year, but strangely this was our first trip together and it was so great! We spent our time in at the house we rented cooking, eating, playing lots of board games, hot tubbing, having fires, and going down to the lake. Definitely the start of a summer tradition. Majority of the people in this group of friends are photographers or film makers so everything is always very well documented… Thanks to Josh for taking all of these photos (and many many more)!!  

Poppy and “Auntie” Megan just lounging by the lake. When you have 13 adults, 1 toddler and 1 newborn you get to spend a lot of time not watching your own child 😉 

Baby Casper is just over one month old and so freaking sweet, smiley, and snuggly! 

She is not the biggest fan of my wet lake hugs. But she is the biggest fan of hogging all of the chips and then dumping upside down when forced to share…

“Uncle” Cayne arrived at the Cabin with a lollipop for Poppy, so obviously he is in her very good books!

 The guys found a dead snake aka the prank jackpot, it was fun to watch them literally running around like little boys all weekend getting into trouble and looking for creatures.

Oh fishy crackers, the answer to all long drives. 

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  1. August 27, 2016 / 6:11 pm

    Sounds like a lovely weekend! I have a big group of friends who we go away with every summer, it’s so fun! Totally know what you mean about going away with loads of adults and only a couple of kids – my friends’ kids get constant attention from start to finish every time we’re away!

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