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Threads :: Summer Uniform

My summer style consists of basically tanks, shorts and hats everyday. We live in Canada so some hot days you can totally get away with it and other days I get a lot of “Well, don’t you look summery!”. Yes I do, because in my head I live in Hawaii, okay.

The most recent addition to my wardrobe is my CLUSE watch, I love it! I always have to have something on my arms and it is usually a couple gold bangles, but now that I have this La Boheme Mesh Gold Band it has completely taken their place, oh and it tells time… That’s convenient! CLUSE has tons of beautiful, minimal styles & colour combos.

I found this sunhat at a thrift store last summer while hunting for a perfect straw hat, but it was a little cowboy-esc (like a lot of the hats I find thrifting). When I got home I filled the sink with water and soaked the brim, I formed it to arc downward instead of upward and now it’s one of my favourites.

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