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We’re spending our weekend in the town where David grew up, It’s the perfect summer town surrounding a beautiful lake. We are beach junkies so all we need is a blanket & some snacks to be set for the day. 

We’ve teamed up with Gathre, creator of the genius leather play mats to share a bit of our family time outside. I’ve been using these awesome leather mats all spring for our beach or park outings, I just keep it in the back of our car in replacement of a blanket. I prefer it because it doesn’t collect all the sand and make our car feel like a beach afterward. It’s completely resistant to being “Poppy-ed” (you can see what that means below or if you have a toddler it’s obvious). 

This morning we headed down to a quiet beach area where we tend to spend a lot of our time when we visit Kelowna. The water isn’t warm enough to swim yet but it’s just as nice to sit, watch the boats and eat some sandwiches & Crispers for lunch (if I was on survivor I would give up the million for All Dressed or Salt & Vinegar Crispers… America I am so so sorry you don’t have All Dressed chips).

And my bag got “Poppy-ed” with sunscreen. 

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