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Rainy Afternoons Indoors

I rains ALOT where we live. Not one of my favourite things, but I’m learning to suck it up. Thinking of new activities is something I do daily, today we decided to make playdough.  Poppy loves stir things in bowls to pretend she’s cooking, I often let her do the stirring for her oatmeal everyday, so I knew she would be all over this. 

“Poppy, Eat?” 

Whenever I am taking photos of something she grabs her camera and takes photos of it too. The other day we went to a friends house and I took some photos of her baby bump on her bed, when we got home Poppy made me pose on every piece of furniture while she took photos. 

Theres a lot of pictures really close up of her face lol. 

She loved making the playdough, cutting out stars after, and stirring pieces of playdough in a frying pan pretending she was scrambling eggs. What are your indoor activities? 


1 Cup Flour (I only had whole wheat but it worked fine) 
1/4 Salt
1/2 Cup Warm Water
Food Colouring

Mix the flour and salt. Mix the food colouring into the warm water and then add to flour mixture. Add a bit more flour or water if needed. 

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