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Be Happy, My Baby.

I’m so glad that so many loved the Good Morning + Good Night printables, it’s been really fun to see how have been using them in your homes through Instagram (if you printed them, tag me so I can see! @bethanymenzel). I have had a lot of followers ask where I got the Be Happy My Baby prints and the funny thing I just made these myself by cutting out letters and glueing them to posterboard. This was before I knew how simple it was to go get engineer prints done which I talked about in the last printables post. Someone emailed me last week asking if I could do up a printable for the Be Happy My Baby posters, so here you go. I’m happy to let you download these for free, All I ask is that you please give proper credit back to bethanymenzel.com when you share it!

Download Be Happy Poster here
Download My Baby Poster here

Tip for printing poster size: At Staples you can get Engineer Prints rather than an actual “Poster” if you are just printing in black & white and they are only about $4 for a 24 X 36 print (smaller sizes are also available).

*These files will be good quality to print any size up to 24″ X 36″

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