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The Hair Class

A fellow stylist/friend, Natalie, and I want to teach you some skills! We are hosting Hair Classes in the Vancouver area to teach you tricks on how to do some essentials styles that will up your hair game. Our first class is March. 26th in South Surrey, it is “The Essentials Class” – A fun night with a class of 10-15 girls where you get your own station complete with products & a curling iron, a swag bag, and yummy treats. You will learn 6 styles (more details here) and perfect them right there with us before you leave. If you live the in the Vancouver area we would love to have you!! If you are too far you can just follow along with us on Instagram

Thanks to our sweet friend Kelly Swanson of Swanybooth for doing this awesome photos with us. Be sure to check her out, you can have this awesome gold backdrop in your own Swanybooth photobooth.

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