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Poppy Darling – Nine Months

Poppy Darling is 9 months old, getting to be such a big babe with a little personality and opinions of her own. She has really start to enter teething this past week. Poppy has always been a freakishly content and happy baby, but she has been a little agitated and refusing food especially I try to feed her with a spoon. She would much rather pick up her food and feed herself. 

I was looking back into my journal tonight from before Poppy was born and came across this entry: 


Today I got sad thinking about the fact that these are the last few days Poppy will spend inside that beautiful, sacred, peaceful place. Away from everything. Just her and God literally molding her. I wish she didn’t have to be introduced to a world with so much sin, and sadness. My heart already breaks for the days she comes home from school crying, or gets broken up with, or experiences death of someone she loves. I wish that she could stay so safe and connected to God. I want to show her God’s love for her, His beauty, and purity everyday. 


I pray all the time when I am putting her to sleep at night that she will have dreams of being in the womb and always remember what it was like to be safe from worldly things, close to God. It might seem sort of strange, but who knows, maybe when she’s older she’ll tell me about this dream she has where she’s in a dark peaceful place just her and God together.  

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