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Feels like Summer

It finally feels like Summer in White Rock. At least for now, good weather around here isn’t exactly promised. But we have had some hot sunny days that just put me in the greatest mood. When you live in a rainy city you really appreciate sunshine! When David and I aren’t wokring we spend every minute outside, laying in the backyard with Sid running aroud, or by the ocean. David has left for tour again with his band, so the other night I picked up some sushi and took Sid to the beach. We layed in the sand as close to the waves as possible while the sunset with tons of sailboats and canoes in the water, it was so perfect (Until Sid covered my sushi with sand). 

We have also started Longboarding! I have alwayyysss wanted to learn, and David has done it his entire life. So a couple weeks ago David came home with the winnings from his guys poker night so we went out the next day and got me my own longboard. I LOVE IT. It is the greatest thing to come to do in the evenings, and so fun to have a hobby together. 

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