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goodbye hawaii

Sitting by the pool for the last hour before we head home. It’s been just a great trip; laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, lots of good food, and great relaxing. I’m sad to leave this hot weather, But I really do love going home. I miss our puppy, our house, and I don’t mind the snow at all!! 


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  1. Isabel L
    March 6, 2015 / 1:35 am

    He reminds me so much of my Miel (French for honey, because he was orangey-coloured as a pup). Please post more photos! I see all the expressions and habits of my dog: the way he lies with elbows apart and chin on one leg (or the pads of one foot against his cheek), the shape of head and nose, his jaw from the side back, big paws. We didn’t have good phone cameras when my lup was a baby, so I don’t have a lot of shots of these characteristics. Another one: if something caught his attention he would look like a Sphinx with head and neck held high and alert, while lying down. If Sid does it, I would love to see a photo. And he looked great inside because he matched the floors and furniture!

    BTW, our fabulous vet thought Miel was Labrador x Bullmastiff. Before that I thought he was some sort of Rottweiler cross. A stranger once stopped me to say he was identical to her Labrador x Bullmastiff with a tiny bit of Keyshond and Norwegian Elkhound. He grew to almost 45kg (100lb). Not identical to Sid, but close. His fur was a bit thicker and longer and chest a bit deeper. But that lovely face with a short nose and long neck is so like him.

    He was very, very intelligent and a thinker: he never reacted to things without considering the situation first. And he rarely barked. He only started to talk later in life. People loved to hear him because he would gradually pronounce the word "wrrr-wwwoooff!" just like a person. He had an absolutely incredible temperament: the archetypal extrovert, everyone’s best friend, gentle, solid, reliable. He was diplomat, policeman and party animal, big enough to look after himself if others attacked him, and lightening reflexes. I used to think this puppy would go home with anyone, but in fact he never forgot he was half of our pack of two. I never had to ask him anything twice. If your Sid is anything like my Miel, I envy you!

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